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AT - J. Galambos

CIN - A. Sonsteby

FSMA - D. Capone

MM - T. Donnellan

UW - R. Burkhardt

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Research Capabilities

ARL is primarily a science, systems and technology-based laboratory with strength and leadership in the following research areas: acoustics, guidance and control, thermal energy systems, hydrodynamics, hydroacoustics, propulsion, materials & manufacturing, navigation & GPS, communications & information, systems engineering and education.

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Led by world-class scientists and technicians working in state-of-the-art facilities, ARL's Research Capabilities are distributed among the following areas listed in the dropdowns below.

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 ⇵ CIN - Communication, Information & Navigation

The Communications, Information and Navigation (CIN) at ARL serves as a research center of excellence in communication technologies, information fusion and processing, navigation science, and visualization in response to sponsor needs.

In fulfillment of this mission, the CIN:

  • Performs basic and applied research, exploratory development, and advanced development in support of program sponsors
  • Champions the transfer of advanced technologies to naval acquisition programs and fleet operations as well as to other government agencies and the private sector

Research areas include:

CIN Contacts - J. Ross

 ⇵ FSMA - Fluids, Structural Mechanics & Acoustics

The design and analysis of underwater propulsors forms a core area of research and development at ARL Penn State. With its excellent test facilities, ARL Penn State has traditionally focused on experimental fluid dynamics, where fundamental and exploratory research is conducted into the physical phenomena governing boundary layer flows, cavitation, flow control, and the hydrodynamics of marine vehicles.

In conjunction with research in experimental fluid dynamics, ARL Penn State works to develop a technology base for the design and analysis of marine vehicles integrated with their control systems and propulsors.

Fluids, Structural Mechanics & Acoustics (FSMA) research areas include:

FSM&A Contacts - D. Capone

 ⇵ MM - Materials & Manufacturing

The mission of Materials & Manufacturing (MM) is to advance the state-of-the art in materials and manufacturing processing technology. To that end, we address issues related to materials design, materials processing, component design, manufacturing systems, repair and sustainment.

Our technologies are enabling in that success for us entails design and fabrication of lighter, cheaper structural components for ships, subs, aircraft, or vehicles, more cost effective manufacturing processes for fabrication or repair of components of platforms, or design and integration of sensor systems for health or environmental monitoring of systems. These technologies are relevant to all platforms of interest within the DoD and consequently, we support a wide range of customers within the Navy and the DoD.

Materials & Manufacturing research areas include:

M&M Contacts -T. Donnellan

 ⇵ UW - Undersea Weapons

Undersea Weapons Office (UW) carries on the core mission for which Penn State's Applied Research Laboratory was originally established by the Navy in 1945 – the maintenance and expansion of US technological excellence in homing torpedoes.

UW is a key science and technology provider to the undersea weapons enterprise with the expertise, tools, and processes to take concepts from the early developmental phase through transition to industry and the fleet.

For more information, please visit:

UW Contacts - R. Burkhardt

ARL administrated Centers & Institutes, which augment ARL capabilities, are important cross-disciplinary efforts that address research and manufacturing challenges too complex for single-investor programs. These Centers & Institutes provide focal points for the development and transfer of new technologies, processes and equipment in a cooperative environment with industry, academia, and the U. S. military.

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 ⇵ DTC - Drive Train Center

Drive Train Center (DTC) - sponsored by the Navy Manufacturing Technology (MANTECH) Program


DTC - Nagesh Sonti

 ⇵ GRI - Gear Research Institute
 ⇵ iMAST - Institute for Manufacturing & Sustainment Technologies

Institute for Manufacturing & Sustainment Technologies (iMAST) - a part of ARL and one of nine U.S. Navy MANTECH Centers of Excellence managed by the Office of Naval Research along with the REPTECH program.


iMAST - T. Bair

 ⇵ INLDT - Institute for Non-Lethal Defense Technologies

Institute for Non-Lethal Defense Technologies (INLDT) - established by Penn State and administrated by ARL


INLDT - R. Madrid