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Doing Business with ARL

Business Group PhotoWhether you are a small business or a large corporation, collaborating with ARL enables your organization to build on the developments of our research and offers a gateway to the expertise and resources of other departments within Penn State and the Applied Research Laboratory. Our research teams comprise experienced engineers and program managers, including PhD-level researchers and University faculty and graduate assistants.

arl/penn state purchasing

The Applied Research Laboratory Purchasing Office, under Business Operations, provides efficient and timely procurement services that maximize the Laboratory's resources and mission as a center for Research and Development. The ARL Purchasing Office is located at ARL West IV and is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.

The shipping address for ARL Penn State is:

Applied Research Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University 225 Science Park Road State College, PA  16803-2213

Purchase Terms and Conditions:

Credit References and Tax Exempt Information:

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the industrial support office

Office Group Photo The Industrial Support Office (ISO) is your gateway to the Applied Research Laboratory's technical and business office resources. In addition to the information on this Web site, we can quickly and efficiently put you in touch with our technical leaders in your area of interest.

ARL collaborates with industrial partners to transition government-funded technology for DoD applications. ARL possess an extensive intellectual property portfolio that has dual use applications and provides industrial sponsors with commercialization rights to exclusive, field-limited licenses to the research performed under their respective contracts and grants.

ARL has approved Government rates that are applied to all sponsors, ensuring competitive rates and efficient utilization of resources. ARL also provides secure facilities that meet DoD requirements.

getting started
  • Contact an ARL scientist in your area of interest to discuss a potential collaboration.
  • Please review ARL's Research Capabilities and contact the individual listed on any of our Capabilities webpages.
  • Contact any of the ARL Service Offices & Support Operations (see the Contact Us link in the left column) for more information or assistance.

program support & outreach

We Offer many Things to Many Clients

The Applied Research Laboratory is a cost-effective, diversified, project-oriented research facility. As the largest of the affiliated laboratories, centers, and institutes that make up the University’s Interdisciplinary Research units, ARL draws on the intellectual, economic development, and technology transfer resources of Penn State. Ours is a client-focused R&D environment serving large and small businesses and governmental agencies. Projects can range between both ends of the technology transfer spectrum: from providing off-the-shelf technology implementation assistance for productivity enhancement to implementation of advanced technologies for new product or process development. ARL offers clients a "can-do" responsiveness, delivering timely solutions to real-world scientific and technical problems.

Technology Transfer Mechanisms - (Penn State Tech-Transfer Information)

  • Cooperative R&D agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Industrial R&D consortia
  • Test bed demonstrations and prototyping
  • Teleconferencing and remote instruction
  • Faculty and staff exchanges
  • Student Employment
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Teaching factories and training
  • Proprietary contract R&D

Intellectual Property Considerations

Successful technology transfer requires flexibility in addressing intellectual property concerns. ARL utilizes the Intellectual Property Office at Penn State and transfers resident technologies through individualized proprietary agreements and intellectual property licensing arrangements. The University recognizes the importance of transferring this technology to the commercial sector where it can benefit the public. Therefore, it usually grants sponsors the first option to negotiate licensing rights to new technologies arising from sponsored research programs. It is flexible in negotiating intellectual property issues to assure commercialization. Additionally, the University develops a significant number of technologies under federal projects and nonsponsored departmental research. Technologies that are owned by the University are made available to industry through Penn State’s Intellectual Property Office.

ARL has significant experience working with major defense contractors as well as small businesses.  We have hosted small business innovative research programs (SBIR) though seminars and general information programs as well as direct technical support to both Phase I and Phase II SBIR programs.

Once any contact is made, we ensure that your information and interests are protected and that administrative issues are addressed in a timely fashion. The ISO is a continuing resource to you throughout program development and execution via:

  • Contracting
    • To ARL - proprietary but non-exclusive
    • To Industry - competitive bid or sole source with flow down clauses
  • Teaming
    • Science and Technology - no constraints
    • Acquisitioning core competencies - proprietary but non-exclusive or GFE
    • Acquisitioning in non-core competencies - Penn State University policy
  • Cooperative, Pre-Competitive Consortia
  • Licensing of Intellectual Property

Don't hesitate to call or contact us for additional information.